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If you are fan of the fantasy sports contests, or even a fantasy platform owner, you might know the common and usual ways of how Fantasy Sports websites and applications get income. Rake model is standard and similar for 90% of fantasy sports players.

But is it the only way to boost income? Is there any other way that helps owners having much better cash flow and in the same time attract players and motivate them to spend more money?

In our previous post you could read about alternative revenue model - advertising - that can be quite good for developing markets, where fantasy sports players are not ready to spend so much money as players in USA/Canada do. This model was and remains one of the most popular monetization ways for any kind of online business. And from the other hand that is its disadvantage - users do not like annoying ads, utilize blockers and merely ignore ads, so conversion remains very low and getting lower.

What else can you invent?

Our open minded team is buzzing with many ideas. We have a lot of items in our backlog that we can offer to our clients and make their business succeed.

And we are happy to share some of the ideas for free :)

Have you ever thought about integrating 'freemium' abilities into the Fantasy Sports system? Did you meet any kind of 'special' options available for players, if they pay for them?

In any kind of Fantasy Sports system you are playing inside the rules - it makes contesting fair and gives 'equal' chances to our participants. But if you give them ability to extend the boundaries just a bit - they will be happy to pay you for that! Everybody like to be special and have more options than others! Give them that feeling and ask for some $ instead :)

Once a player uses that, others will hurry up and spend $ to use the same or even more, so that their abilities are equal to 'premium' participants or even better.

And of course, you’d better not provide a lot within premium options. Just a slight enhancement, so that contest remains fair for all participants.

While you think about the options, let us give you few examples.

  1. Measure the average fantasy points total during contest and suggest +5% or +7% to their points for 25% of contest's entry fee.
  2. Salary cap is always a headache. Create contests with low salary cap (make them difficult) and ask for $5 to increase salary cap on 10%
  3. When the contest starts, participants can't change line-up. And this is fair. Ask for $15 to let them change the line-up during the first 15 minutes of the contest
  4. Captain usually has double points. Ask for $7 and make it triple for this player for the contest

... and many other options – the only limit is your lack of imagination! :-)

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