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Fantasy Sports applications development that are literally better than others. We will create a proper solution for you

Sports Software literally better than others
Software for sports better than others

Our general services

  1. Crypto
  2. Optimizers
  3. Daily Fantasy Sports
  4. Season Long Fantasy
  5. Game-as-a-Service
  6. Fantasy Sports in different ways
  7. Sports applications
  8. Outsourcing
  9. Design
  10. Server maintenance
Using Cryptocurrency in Fantasy Sports Software


Are you seeking the way to run Fantasy Sports or Sports Gaming system and do not suffer from legislation issues? Run it using crypto-currency. We are able to supply any of our engines with the support of crypto-coins, either existent ones or the ones that you create for your business. Go next step on running common-known sports games.
Create bestpoke line up optimizer with our help


Do you want to have benefit comparing to regular fantasy sports players? Do you have community whom you suggest or advise? Wanna make money on your solutions? Run your personal analysis, simulation and/or optimizing tool for drafting teams for daily and/or season long fantasy leagues. We create analytical tools with deep mathematical models on calculating and processing stats and performing predictions. Do you have the one already running? Make sure that it is good enough
Fantasy Sports Solutions - our DFS engine

3.Daily Fantasy Sports engine

Start your own Daily Fantasy Sports business, utilize your custom idea and rules or upgrade existent to run it faster, more modern and fancy, with comfy administration panel. Our team developed (and continue to improve) our Daily Fantasy Sports engine, based on modern MVC framework, that covers all commonly used modules of the Daily Fantasy Sports systems:
  • Integration with any well-known data feed provider
  • Single sports or multisports support
  • Live updates and contests processing
  • Free games with custom prizes or usual prize bank-based logics
  • Admin module for managing users, contests, transactions, general and financial settings
  • Integration with any payment processing, including crypto-currency
Fantasy Sports Solutions - our season-long engine

4.Season Long Fantasy engine

Looking to play season long fantasy with your network using your custom rules and conditions and generate profit on giving others to play in it? Start your own Fantasy League system. Our team developed the engine (based on modern MVC framework) that can help making you dream come true. Our engine is easily customizable, scalable and powerful.
  • Integration with any well-known data feed provider
  • Single sports or multisports support
  • Custom rounds processing logic integration
  • Different drafting models
  • Admin module for managing users, contests, transactions, general and financial settings
  • Integration with any payment processing, including crypto-currency
Fantasy Sports Solutions - generate revenue in other way in Fantasy Sports


New business model in the Fantasy Sports market: create the area for players to organize and manage their fantasy contests by themselves, and make money from ther subscriptions. Benefits are obvious:
  • Avoiding legislation issues: you are selling access to the service, and not running the games
  • Users of your service will be able to run contests by themselves (create and process them) and play with those, who they want (invite anybody or friends only)
  • Utilize any kind of custom features and run it on flexible subscription systems
  • Daily fantasy contests or season long leagues, or … even both in one system
  • Make your users enjoy all common known features of the Fantasy System and raise money from that!
Different contesting rules to appeal to new auditory

6.Fantasy Sports in different ways

You think that fantasy sports is kmited by only daily fantasy sports and season long? There are tens of different games that fit your potential audience:
  • Pick 3: instead of picking whole squad, pick up only 3 athletes and compete with others. Easier and quicker
  • Head-2-head mashups: pickup your favourite athlete and compete with your friend’s favourite on who’s better. Closer to usual sports book, but users play against each other and not against the Big Brother
  • Predict number of points: select the range of points in which the team will end the next game
  • Quiz Based fantasy: answer several questions about upcoming games and win if your answers were closer to real than your competitors’ ones
  • And many many more
Fantasy Sports Solutions can build any kind of application related to Sports

7.Sports applications

You think about new age sports application? You are seeking the help to build revolutionizing news system? Statistical tool? Simulator? Our team can utilize our experience and build any kind of system, application or software tool around real sports data. Benefit from any experience - web or mobile - and generate profit on it.
Fantasy Sports Solutions is your best software development outsorcing partner


Outsourcing is the model, that allows you to optimize expenses on technical part of your business while you are able to concentrate on Business development activities and management. This is your business and let professionals help you in what they can do very well. The benefits of working with us:
  • European time zone: live communication with Europe based partners, well organized communication with America’s partners, benefits from time difference
  • Good communication skills in English and well organized discussions and negotiating process
  • Competitive costs, breakdowns on increasing amount of work, expenses control and no pain on managing in-house staff (taxes, accounting, office space, devices), different pricing models
  • Experienced specialists with good team-sense and internal collaboration skills
  • Skills in any kind of IT activities in one place: UI/UX designers, software architects, Database designers and managers, front-end and backend developers, native mobile applications developers, quality assurance engineers, dev-ops, business analysts and projects managers; you are able to get any kind of specialists or the whole team
Wanna new or better design? Ask us!


Looking for unique design for your new sports brand? Seeking for the custom UI solution? Struggle with user friendly interface for your web system or mobile application? Our designer is here to help. Utilize experience of UI Designer, who worked on 12+ sports projects and 40+ different other software products.
DevOps from Fantasy Sports Solutions can help with your server issues

10.Server maintenance

Wanna have a support on your live system? Monitoring of server loading, uptime, error logs, problems… and finding solutions. Our devops team is the one that will definitely help you to manage your technical infrastructure.

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