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Daily Fantasy Soccer. 2013-2014.

  • Dedicated to World Cup 2014
  • Challenge: develop the web based system with responsive interface and 2 native mobile apps - iOS and Android before the WC2014 starts.
    We have developed the stable version before the end of the Champions League and tested it only on 3 final games, semifinals and the final (during which the first few hundreds of users joined).
    Monitored the functioning of the system during the live games on WC, fine-tuned the system on the fly. It collected 5000+ users during the first 10 days of the World Cup and continued to grow.
  • Achieves: we managed to release on time, provided the support during the first weeks of operations, so system wasn’t down during the WC2014 at all. Managed to patch data feed processing due to unpredicted cases.
    Business continued to grow after World Cup by running the contests for European Soccer Leagues
  • Datafeed: stats.com. Payment processing: PayPal.